We could spend all day discussing what creativity means but, for me, the this definition of a creative life gets close to the heart of it.

creative life is driven more strongly by curiosity than by fear.

Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: How to Live a Creative Life and Let Go of Your Fear

What I like is that explaining creativity that doesn’t exclude anyone. It doesn’t insist that you have to be a specific type of person and it doesn’t require you to do any specific type of art.

It just invites you to be curious.

And I think that’s an excellent way for me to start this series of monthly columns, by inviting you to be curious.

I’d like you to think about the things that you enjoy doing, the things that make you lose track of time, the things you yearn to get back to.

What kinds of creativity do you apply to those activities?

  • Are you creating something completely new?
  • Are you combining existing things in a new way?
  • Are you tweaking what’s there?
  • Are you removing unnecessary things?

Creativity is not just about performing. It’s not just about drawing, or painting, or writing. It’s about finding ways to engage our brains in new ideas, in new challenges, and it’s about (mostly) enjoying the process.

You are being creative when you borrow a solution from one part of your life and apply it to another.

You are being creative when you change the lyrics of a song to create a masterpiece about your dog.

You are being creative when you doodle in the margins during your meeting.

Exploring our creativity adds to our fun. It allows us to explore possibilities. It can bring us a sense of ease and well-being.

Creativity is a key part of a life well-lived.

And I invite you to join me here on the first Wednesday of every month as we explore how you can weave a little more creativity into your days.

November 2020 Creativity Prompt

Let’s keep things simple this month and just do a little observing.

For any three days in November, keep a record of how many purple things you see.

You can make a list on paper or in your phone, or you can just make a point of noticing and keep a kind of mental tally.

There’s no grand purpose in this, aside from having a little fun and paying a little more attention to the world around you.

You can’t win or lose at this and you can’t do it wrong.

Just play!

Christine Hennebury is a writer, storyteller, creative life coach, and general maker-up-of-things who lives in Mount Pearl. She is the Founder and Chair of AAMP, she is the Training Liaison for the Board of Directors of Storytellers of Canada – Conteurs du Canada, and she is the former President of the St. John’s Storytelling Festival. She hopes you are doing something fun right now.

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