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We want you to have fun with the arts. Whether you are an artist, an audience member, or a creativity explorer, we'd like you to join us for some artsy fun. We're all about Art in Mount Pearl, not just Mount Pearl Art. Come and play!

Welcome to Week 2 in our Kids Online Gallery series. Today, Christine is making paper puppets and she hopes you try to make some of your own! You will need some paper, something to colour with, a pair of scissors and some tape (or elastic bands.) We welcome everyone to share their puppets in the comments but please only identify kids by their first initial so we can protect everyone’s privacy. Have fun! (Video transcript in comments)

Welcome to Week 2 of Flash Fiction Fridays! In this video, host Christine Hennebury gives you a writing prompt, explains how to expand on it and she reminds you to be kind to yourself about how much time you have to write. Have fun with your writing! If you want to join the private Flash Fiction Fridays group, here it is: Transcript in the comments!

Here’s our first video for our Online Arts and Crafts Gallery for Kids. In this video, Christine is demonstrating how to create some fingerprint aliens with paint and markers. (If you don’t like to get paint on your fingers, she has a way for you to make an alien without using the paint.) Gather up some markers, paint, colouring leads and bits of paper and give this is a try! Once you’re done, whenever that is, feel free to share your art with us in the comments or through direct message or via email at Grownups - if you post a photo your kid’s art, please just include their first name or initial. We want to preserve everyone’s privacy. A transcript of this video will be posted in the comments.

AAMP - Association for the Arts in Mount Pearl

At 1pm, we’ll be posting our first video for our online arts/crafts gallery for kids. In today’s video, Christine will be showing you how to make thumbprint aliens. You can use paints, markers, colouring leads, or whatever you have on hand to make these fun little creatures. Once your kids have made theirs, post a photo in the comments with just their first name (or initials) and we’ll add them to our online gallery.

AAMP - Association for the Arts in Mount Pearl


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