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We want you to have fun with the arts. Whether you are an artist, an audience member, or a creativity explorer, we'd like you to join us for some artsy fun. We're all about Art in Mount Pearl, not just Mount Pearl Art. Come and play!

AAMP - Association for the Arts in Mount Pearl

Hello, hello AAMP fans! Short version of this post: Our fall schedule of activities and ideas will be available on October 7. Please drop back then to see all of the fun, creative shenanigans you can get up to this fall! Longer version of this post: We hope that you have been settling nicely into fall and that you have been kind to yourself as you adjust to the unusual routines in the familiar spaces where you spend your fall. Here at AAMP, your volunteer team has been trying to figure out how to serve our community and our artists best and it has been a tricky thing to figure out. There are so many different online offerings now, from all over the world, that everyone's schedules are kind of crowded and lots of us are a bit tired of looking at screens (no matter how much fun we are having in the process.) And, the local online offerings are so terrific that we didn't want to compete with other organizations or with our artist members. When you combine that with the fact that our volunteer board was trying to keep ahead of/adjust to things in their own lives, we were facing a bit of a challenge. However, as the creative creatures that we are, we have figured out some cool things to do this fall to spark your creativity and let us all have more creative fun. Our schedule will be ready on October 7th. See you then! (image: background photo of a park bench covered in orange and yellow fallen leaves. In the foreground is white text reading 'Fall for the Arts" and the AAMP logo (a tree with 'AAMP Rooted in Art' beneath it) and the text 'Association for the Arts in Mount Pearl')

More dots for International Dot Day! Yes, the title says the ideas are for kids but there's no reason adults can’t have fun with dots, too.

It's not just a book, it's a song! #InternationalDotDay

AAMP is always ready to celebrate creativity but today is a special celebration. It's International Dot Day! The Dot is a great book by Peter H. Reynolds that tells the story of Vashti, a kid who discovers her creativity with the help of a very kind art teacher and then passes on the joy of drawing. Check out the video below to hear the story and to see some ideas for dot-themed paintings. We hope you'll go dotty for art today, too. #InternationalDotDay

AAMP - Association for the Arts in Mount Pearl

To end off our final theme week, as always it's #FilmFriday. Again, we want to say a HUGE thank you to our entire audience for being so supportive and participating in each theme week. If you have any feedback or suggestions for us in the future, feel free to private message us 🙂 Stay safe! #AAMPSummer2020 The Lion King The Jungle Book Brother Bear Zootopia


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